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November 30, 2010

  Billy Thomas
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We have been bashed on our animal sounds.  We were told they were not paranormal.  I disagree with him.  Certain cultures like "Indians" worship animal spirits.   I respect the Indians and their beliefs.   To say with 100% certainity that animal spirits don't exist would be a false statement.    I think it's the duty of a ghost hunting group to report and make aware to the  people who are traveling in the Mammoth Cave region of various wild animals that might be lurking in the Mammoth Cave Region.  We got a cougar sound over there and two  unknown sounds.  I,  as an indvidual,  most defintely want to know what dangerous animals are there.   We placed the sounds up to make you aware "becareful". This former member must not care about anyone.  He is  trying to make a name for himself at the expensive of others.

Special Note:  We format our SD memory cards  using Windows Format utilitiy 3 times to ensure that the  SD card is free of old files.  This prevents one image bleeding in on another image or rather it prevents the possibility of  image bleeding. 

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The old photos (for the newest photos - Facebook)


Note:  We protect the clients identity on the houses we investigate.  We never disclose their name unless they want us to.  We believe in keeping the location, owner and their rights private on the  houses we investigate.  Don't worry about seeing your name on here unless you tell us to do so.  If you don't say anything, we automatically assume private.  You have to tell us to post your name.

If you have a ghost photo that you want put up on our website, just send an email to one of the emails below and be sure to include your name, location so we can give credit for your picture.  Example:  Bob Thomas, from Arizona sent us this photo of a ghost.

Possible Spirits Entering a Box or Stairwell of some sort.

Walking Apparition
Billy's New Laser Grid
Old Time Military Man with Red (Green Beret) Hat.

Apparition Running From Me

Earthquake Prediction from Bob


Mammoth Cave EVP

Possible Civil War General

Spirits Watching Me

A Second Wall Showed up on picture but there is no second wall in reality. 

Soldier Standing Guard

One of My New Cameras

Rocky Hill Kentucky Leprechon



Possible Angel

Soldier on Horse
Mother(Grandmother) & Young Girl Apparition.

Left of the Tree

Earthquake clouds/UFO

Another of My Cameras

Here we have a man sitting on a bench that was taken on February 9th,  2009.

Here we have the same trees, same cemetery and no man taken on February 13th, 2009.

All images are copyright by BLTSPOOKY .   Non BLTSPOOKY members must obtain permission from the owners to use any of our graphics.  All photos and or sounds are captured with Digital Cameras, Infrared Cameras, and Digital Recording devices.   When evaluating the photos and sounds, I basically describe what I think I see in the images or hear.  It's my opinion only.   You as a viewer, skeptic, or debunker you are always free to view the images and draw your own conclusions as to what you think the photo contains.  Please do not get in any argument or put down people who may have a different take on the photo or sound.  It's only their opinion.   I just basically put up the weird looking photos and sound.  For More Information on my Camera and Infrared Filters  Click Here.